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12 - 29 June 2023

Transgressive North

the world’s first annual festival OF FOLK CINEMA

Curated by Transgressive North, the Folk Film Gathering is the world’s first folk film festival, screening films that celebrate the lived experiences of communities worldwide. Each annual edition explores the relationships between cinema and other traditional arts (such as oral storytelling and folk song), discovering what a folk cinema has been at moments throughout world film history, and how it may look in the future.

The theme of the 2023 Folk Film Gathering is solidarity, as expressed in particular as part of the conversation between Scottish and Ukrainian cinema within our core programme at Cameo Picturehouse.

Screenings and events will be online and in person at Cameo Picturehouse, Scottish Storytelling Centre and North Edinburgh Arts. Download the programme here and view the 2023 films here.

For a text only version of the programme, click here for pdf and here for doc.x.
For content notes, click here for pdf and here for doc.x

For press enquiries, contact Ruth Marsh


Cameo Screenings £8/5 until the 15th May.
Then £11/8 for Monday-Thurs screenings and
£12.90/11.40 for Fri-Sun screenings.

Click here


Screenings at the Scottish Storytelling Centre and North Edinburgh Arts, pay what you can

We have a number of free tickets for all screenings for those that need them, with no questions asked. If you would like to take this up, please contact

For a downloadable guide on how to get to the venues, click here for pdf and here for doc.x

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