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The Kaipara Affair (Barry Barclay | 2005 | 136 mins)

Barry Barclay | 2005 | 136 mins

The Kaipara Affair (Barry Barclay  |  2005  |  136 mins)

Barry Barclay’s provocative, lyrical documentary focuses upon a rural community in New Zealand, led by charismatic indigenous activist Mikaera Miru, who stage a collective resistance when unsustainable commercial fishing practices start to endanger their local waters in the Kaipara Harbour. A moving testament to the power of community with a powerful resonance for debates around land reform and community land ownership in Scotland, Barry Barclay’s film invokes the sense of a Maori ‘hui’; a community gathering at which multiple voices come together to discuss who really owns the land.

This film was screened with the kind support of Ng Taonga Sound & Vision.

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