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Like Father (Amber Collective | 2001 | 95 mins)

Amber Collective | 2001 | 95 mins

Like Father (Amber Collective  |  2001  |  95 mins)

The last pits have closed, the redundancy money has been spent and the Elliot family is in crisis. 70-yr-old pigeon man Arthur is losing his allotment to the local authority’s coastal redevelopment scheme. Working as a trumpeter and club singer, his son Joe – a 40-yr-old ex-miner – is just about scraping a living, but increasingly struggling to hold his family together. Can he hold onto his relationship with his father, and his 10-yr-old son, Michael? Three generations struggle to come to terms with the past and to the ties that still bind them together in the powerful 2nd installment in the Amber Collective’s coalfields trilogy.

This screening featured a Q+A with Amber Collective, hosted by Will Higbee (University of Exeter).

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