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From Us To Me (Amber Collective | 2016 | UK | 86 mins)

Amber Collective | 2016 | UK | 86 mins

From Us To Me (Amber Collective  |  2016  |  UK  |  86 mins)

In 1987 the Amber Collective were the only British film crew allowed into the GDR, to document the lives of a fishing co-operative and a Brigade of Women Crane Drivers in Rostock, East Germany. 36 years later, Amber returned to track down the individuals they had first met in 1987, to find out how their lives had changed in the years since. A unique, powerful documentary which troubles many of the assumptions we have about the fall of the Berlin wall, ‘From Us to Me’ explores some of the many stories of ‘Die Wende’ (the turn), of the changes experienced by ordinary people during the collapse of the GDR. What was gained and what was lost?

This screening featured a live Q+A with Amber Collective.

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