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T Dan Smith (Amber Production Team | UK | 1987 | PG)

Amber Production Team | UK | 1987 | PG

T Dan Smith (Amber Production Team  |  UK  |  1987  |  PG)

The Amber Collective present ’T Dan Smith’, an experimental biopic of the infamous Newcastle City Council leader - a visionary, flawed and controversial politician, convicted of corruption in 1974. Showcasing the verve and social commitment that has made Amber one of the most significant forces in British cinema over the past 40 years, ’T Dan Smith’ is a compelling fusion of drama and documentary.

This screening was introduced with live folk songs from Sean Paul Newman, and followed by a Q&A with Amber’s Ellin Hare, Peter Roberts, and Sirkka-Liisa Kontinnen. Presented in partnership with Bella Caledonia.

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