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The Scar (Amber Collective | Tyneside | 1997 | 12)

Amber Collective | Tyneside | 1997 | 12

The Scar (Amber Collective  |  Tyneside  |  1997  |  12)

Amber return to the Folk Film Gathering to present a powerful tribute to working class women in Tyneside in the aftermath of the Miners’ Strike. Like many women active during the strike, May has been left to clean up the mess. Struggling with a failed marriage, two unruly children, and the onset of hot flushes, May is just about holding things together when she meets Roy, the new manager of an open cast mine. Roy brings a degree of humour and warmth long missing in May’s life, but is he truly the answer to her problems?

This screening was introduced by a live performance from the MacTaggart Scott Loanhead Brass Band, and was followed by a Q&A with director Ellin Hare and cinematographer Peter Roberts.

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