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Killer Of Sheep (Charles Burnett | 1978 | USA | 12)

Charles Burnett | 1978 | USA | 12

Killer Of Sheep (Charles Burnett  |  1978  |  USA  |  12)

A remarkable testament of working class black experience in 70’s Los Angeles, Charles Burnett’s debut remains as relevant today as when it was first released. Stan works long hours in an inner-city slaughterhouse, quietly struggling to hold onto his humanity under the grinding weight of hard labour and family poverty. A work of stark poetry and quiet, excoriating anger, the film depicts the myriad perspectives and pressures upon an urban black community, with a score encompassing the length, breadth and richness of Afro-American music from Paul Robeson to Earth, Wind and Fire.

This screening was introduced by a live performance from Scottish-based Jamaican singer Brina.

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