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Chanson d'Armor (Jean Epstein | 1934 | Brittany | PG)

Jean Epstein | 1934 | Brittany | PG

Chanson d'Armor (Jean Epstein  |  1934  |  Brittany  |  PG)

In 1935, the Scottish composer and clarsach player Heloise Russell-Ferguson traveled to Brittany to perform a set of Gaelic songs at this film’s premiere – the first Breton language film. Based on a Breton folk tale, ‘Chanson d’Armor’ is a lyrical and mythic portrayal of forbidden love within a fishing community. Join us as we recreate the event, with Scots Trad Awards Instrumentalist of the Year winner Rachel Newton, in celebration of one of Scotland’s most significant and unique female composers.

This screening was followed by a Q&A with Rachel and Edinburgh University’s Dr Stuart Eydmann on the significance of Russell-Ferguson’s contribution to Scotland’s musical culture, and womens’ experience in the Scottish traditional arts today.

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