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Bitter Rice (Giuseppe De Santis | 1949 | Italy | 18)

Giuseppe De Santis | 1949 | Italy | 18

Bitter Rice (Giuseppe De Santis  |  1949  |  Italy  |  18)

A potent, exhilarating brew of folk song, film noir, and Italian neorealism. On the run from the law, small-time thief Francesca hides amidst a group of female workers in the Po Valley rice fields. Despite the back-breaking work, Francesca finds a new sense of camaraderie and community amongst her co-workers long missing in her life. But will she be able to hold onto her new-found footing when her violent boyfriend Walter reappears?

This screening was introduced by a live performance of Italian folk song from Simone Caffari, and was followed by Q&A with Edinburgh University’s Pasquale Iannone on the film and director. Supported by the Italian Cultural Institute in honour of Giuseppe De Santis’ centenary.

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