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Barrovento (Glauber Rocha | 1962 | Brazil | 15)

Glauber Rocha | 1962 | Brazil | 15

Barrovento (Glauber Rocha  |  1962  |  Brazil  |  15)

‘Barrovento’ is an exhilarating, rhapsodic mix of Brazilian folk custom and political drama. In village of Xaréu (Kingfish) fishermen, the return of the trickster Firmino stirs up underlying tensions. Firmino convinces the fishermen to rebel against their propertied masters, but are his motives pure? And will young lovers Naina and Arua be able to shake off the superstitions of their community to find happiness and together survive the oncoming storm?

This screening was introduced by live Brazilian folk song from Sarah Campbell and Mario Caribe.

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