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Song Of The Sea (2014 | Tomm Moore | Ireland | PG)

2014 | Tomm Moore | Ireland | PG

Song Of The Sea (2014  |  Tomm Moore  |  Ireland  |  PG)

A gorgeous, animated treatment of Irish selkie myths for all the family. 10-year-old Ben can’t help but resent his little sister when their mother disappears mysteriously after she is born. But when Ben discovers his wee sister Saorise is actually a selkie, and that her life is in danger from Macha the Owl Witch, can he put aside his sadness to bring their family together once again? Weaving together mythic Irish folk tales with the poignant realities of every day life, ‘Song Of The Sea’ is a rhapsodic, magical-realist celebration of folk tale, imagery, and the importance of passing on tradition.

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