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Zvenigora (Alexander Dovzhenko | USSR | 1927 | PG)

Alexander Dovzhenko | USSR | 1927 | PG

Zvenigora (Alexander Dovzhenko  |  USSR  |  1927  |  PG)

An extra special event at the 2019 Folk Film Gathering: a one-time opportunity to see Alexander Dovzhenko’s magical ‘Zvenigora’ with a newly- commissioned score from Folklore Tapes, performed live for one performance only. Dovzhenko’s silent masterpiece follows an old man obsessively searching for the buried treasure of Zvenigora whilst his two grandsons find themselves on opposite sides of a bitter civil war. Folklore Tapes' score, commissioned specially for the Folk Film Gathering, explores some of the many resonances between Scottish and Ukranian folk culture.

This screening was presented in partnership with the Dovzhenko Centre.

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